For another year I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome all the wind bands taking part in the 131st edition of the International Wind Band Contest "City of Valencia". Welcome to everyone, both musicians and fans of the oldest and most renowned of all the wind band contests held in the world every year.

As in all its editions, the 2017 Contest boasts a significant international component. Of the 21 wind bands in the Contest, 17 competing and 4 guest bands, there are groups from all over Europe and the USA, who have come to compete with wind bands from across Spain and, of course, Valencian wind bands. All the participants will demonstrate the skill and hard work they have dedicated to perfecting their performances over the past year to be able to take part, in a spirit of healthy competition, and receive the highest recognition for their efforts in the form of one of the prizes in the four divisions of the Contest.

In addition to the performances in the four divisions of the Contest, hosted in the Palau de la Música, this year sees the return of the extraordinary pre-contest concerts. These events bring wind band music to the city's different neighborhoods, allowing residents and tourists to enjoy wind band music and the excellent performances of the ensembles which come from overseas, all over Spain, the Valencia Region and our very city.

I invite all Valencians and those in our city during the Contest to come and enjoy the best wind band music in a competition which is, due to its history, tradition, quality and importance, the best of its kind in the world.

Joan Ribó i Canut
Mayor of València