Commissioned by Blasorchester Siebnen (Switzerland) and its conductor Blaise Héritier for the European Championship for Wind Orchestras of 26th May 2018 at the Centre for Fine Arts - Brussels (Bozar). This work is based on five architectural works of Antoni Gaudí.

I- Casa Mila (La Pedrera)
II- Casa Batlló
III- Episcopal Palace of Astorga
IV- Park Güell
V- La Sagrada Familia

Based on description of concepts and using guiding motifs related to each of the movements:

(GAUDI: Sol-La-Do-Re-Mi)
(Casa MILA)
(GLASS: Sol-La-Sib)
(SOULS: Sib-Do-Sol-Sib)
(BLAiSE: Sib-La-Sol-Re)

and motifs related to classical pieces, and other works by the same author, in addition to the inclusion of a popular work alluding to the social aspects of the great architect.

In the manner of "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky/Ravel, Soulful Stones is a contemplative description of five architectural works designed by artist Antoni Gaudí.

1- Smoke Stones (Casa Mila - La Pedrera)

Its smoke-like shape is first described through the abstract shapes of its balconies, gradually moving on to the building’s grandiose and captivating interior and exterior.

2- Bones & Sharks (Casa Batlló)

It rises majestically like a great skeleton at its base; the balconies on the central part of the building can be described as jaws.

3- The Glass Palace (Episcopal Palace of Astorga)

Classical building next to the Cathedral of Astorga (León). Intimist movement, in sections.

4- The Garden of Souls (Park Güell)

The whimsical shapes of elfin houses, mosaic dragons and viaducts are the musical threads of this movement.

5- The Cathedral (La Sagrada Familia)

Introductory variations take us back through the time taken in its construction, leading us inside, guided by the main theme of the piece (variation on the musical derivation of the architect’s surname) and a popular piece that represents the social nature of Gaudí.