Julie Ann Giroux was born in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and raised in both Phoenix, Arizona and Monroe, Louisiana. She received her musical training at the Louisiana State University and Boston University. She read composition, amongst others, with John Williams, Bill Conti and Jerry Goldsmith. Julie is an accomplished player of piano and the French horn, yet her first love is composing. She began to play the piano at the tender age of three and by nine had published her debut piece.

In 1985, she began to compose, set to music and conduct for television and movies. Three hours after arriving in Los Angeles, she had been recruited to work on the music for the mini-series that would go on to win an Emmy "North and South". After this success, she moved on to the television series "Dynasty" and "The Colbys", as well as in several films, such as "Karate Kid II". She was first nominated for an Emmy in 1988 for "North and South Part II - Love and War", and in the three following years was nominated yearly for her arrangements and original compositions for the Academy Awards Show. Presently, Julie boasts more than 100 television and movie credits and has been nominated for Emmy Awards on numerous occasions. When she won her first Emmy Award, she was the first female and the youngest person ever to win the award in this category. Julie also had the privilege of creating arrangements for Céline Dion, Paula Abdul, Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, Madonna, Reba McIntyre, Little Richard, Billy Crystal, Michael Jackson among many others.

Julie composes works for all manner of symphonic and chamber music formations, starting to write for the Symphonic Band in 1983 and conducts her music in clinics throughout the world. Julie is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).