Born in Quart de Poblet. He is employed as a state schoolteacher in Music and Scenic Arts Teachers' Corps specialising in Musical Language. He holds a degree in Orchestra Management awarded by the Higher Conservatory of Saragossa and is a Qualified trumpeter in 'Sol-fa' Music Theory. In other areas, he has undertaken studies into modern harmonies and jazz improvisation. He was enrolled on the master's course on Composition for Audio-Visual Media in the "Katarina Gurska" Higher School of Music in the 2018-19 academic year, and in the Sound and Music in Cinema Workshop in 2019 in which he was an active participant.

He has studied Orchestra Management under the tutelage of renowned professors such as Konrad Von Abel, George Phelivanian, Henrie Adams, Achim Holub, Octav Calleya, Arturo Tamayo, Juan José Olives, Juan Luis Martínez, José Rafael Pascual Villaplana and Massimiliano Caldi.

He has conducted diverse instrumental projects, amongst which the Guadalajara Youth Orchestra, the Alcarria Camerata and Complutense Symphonic Band of Alcala de Henares are worthy of special mention. He has been invited to conduct different musical groups, namely the Municipal Band of A Coruña, or the Artistic Musical Band Society named "La Unió" in his hometown of Quart de Poblet, to which he belongs.

He boasts numerous compositions released through Publishing Houses such as Piles and Branfor that have been interpreted by the Municipal Bands of Madrid, Huelva, Mallorca and A Coruña amongst others. He has penned two musicals, "The musical drama of master Lasol", for orchestras, and "The delirium of master Lasol" for Symphonic Bands.

Shortly, a work commissioned for Luis González Martí (Trumpet) will be released. He has been awarded the First Prize in the 1st National Composition Contest for brass groups held in the town of Alcasser in November 2018. He has created works for documentaries and short films broadcast on Spanish State Television (RTVE).

He is presently the Director of the Guadalajara Conservatory.