As its name suggests, Sinfonietta no. 1 is a small symphony. It is an abbreviated version of the composer's own first symphony, commissioned by the KRKA Wind Band from Slovenia. The composer has maintained the original four-movement structure, but the material has been reduced to a strict minimum and the music continues without pausing between the parts. However, the result is not a connection of fragments from the original symphony, but rather a new composition which is well-balanced in form and development.

Although the music is not programmatic, the four movements have evocative subtitles. All of them represent general attributes such as craftsmanship, love, humor and unity, all of which are necessary to build a great band. This four-time structure is a reference to the classic symphony. Consequently the first movement has a highly formal construction (sonata form); the second has a lyrical theme; the third, "Humor", is clearly related to the 'scherzo'; and the work finishes with a grandiose finale featuring an organ chorale.