According to Neruda, "Remembering Miguel Hernández, who passed away in obscurity, and bringing his memory into the light, is Spain's duty, a duty of love. "Un deber de amor" won the "Homage to Miguel Hernández" composition contest organized by the Castuera Town Hall (Badajoz) in July 2010 to celebrate the first centenary of Hernández's birth. The piece, which is 15 minutes long, was premiered by the Castuera Municipal Wind Band under the direction of Marco A. González on 30 October 2010.

Although it is not a programmatic work, "Un deber de amor" is inspired by the poet and playwright from Orihuela and features three fundamental themes: war, love and life. The first section, with irregular rhythms, disparate beats, dissonances and fragmented melodies, alludes to Miguel Hernández's participation in the Spanish Civil War and the problems he faced in developing his work as a writer.

The second melodic and lively section, with lyrical melodies and choral passages, reflects the loves which influenced his personal life and also inspired him as a poet: the women to whom Miguel Hernández dedicated his works.

The final section depicts the poet's will to fight for his ideals despite the setbacks he suffered and all the obstacles he had to overcome in his short life.

A musical motif used repeatedly throughout the work continues to transform with numerous variations and developments over a constant rhythmic movement until it reaches the final coda.