Simphonyc Poem for Band.

This work is inspired by the different experiences of a troupe of travelling players in medieval times. Conceived as a single piece, this composition is divided into seven episodes (or parts), each of which gives us a glimpse of the environment in which these roaming artists worked. Each episode is introduced by a short explanation of the score, and all of them are easy to recognize, thanks to the contrasts between them, when listening to the work:

  1. The night is calm; the first rays of the new day begin to appear.
  2. The troupe has arrived in the town. Today is market day and there will also be games, songs and dancing.
  3. The party is over, the Inquisition has arrived.
  4. Celebration in the lord's castle. Everyone is invited.
  5. Prayer.
  6. Into battle with fear and resignation.
  7. Final assault toward victory.

The work is dedicated to Teresa Marí, the composer's wife, and was premiered by the Valencia Municipal Wind Band led by their conductor, Fernando Bonete, in the city's Palau de la Música on 27 May 2012.