Hugo Chinesta was born in Aldaia (Valencia)

His teachers included Ferrer Ferran, Miguel A. Berbis, Miguel A Mateu, Jesús Vizcaino, Claudia Montero, Emilio Calandin, Cesar Cano, José Luis Granell, Pascual-Vilaplana, Jan Cober, Salvador Sebastià and Miquel Rodrigo.

He has been a finalist in numerous composition competitions and has received various prizes and special commendations including the Accessit Prize at the 42nd Festival Music Composition Competition "City of Alcoy" (2005), and Honorable Mention at the Pasadoble Competition "City of Segorbe" (2006). He was a finalist in the SGAE Huí Huí Música Contest in 2007.

Some of his works have been chosen as obligatory pieces for contests such as the Castellón Provincial Contest, the Valencia Regional Contest and the International Wind Band Contest "City of Valencia". His compositions have been published by AB Música, Rivera Editores, and Piles.

As a conductor, he has won awards at numerous contests including: First Prize and Honorable Mention in the 2007 Valencia Provincial Contest; First Prize and Honorable Mention in the 2009 Castellón Provincial Contest; First Prize and Honorable Mention in the 2009 Valencia Regional Contest; and First Prize in the 2007 Valencia Provincial Contest. He has recorded various CDs.

He is a music consultant to the "Cadafal" Valencian festivals program and also collaborates with the Fallas magazine "Actualidad Fallera", for which he has written various articles about Fallas festival music.

He has been principal conductor for the Youth Band of the Unión Musical de Aldaia, the S.M La Tropical de Benigànim, and the UMC de Altura y l'Agrupació Musical Els Majors de l' Horta Sud of which he is Honorary Director.

He is currently principal conductor of La Lira de Alfarp, teaches Harmony at the CEM de Benifaió and is director of the Unió Musical d'Aldaia music school.