Ángel López Carreño

Ángel López Carreño

The Granada-born conductor Ángel López Carreño is one of the clearest exponents of an emerging generation of young Andalusian musicians that had his origin in the Youth Orchestra of Andalusia. He studied at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Granada where he obtained the Superior Title of Clarinet. Later he expanded his education in Madrid with Justo Sanz and in Granada with José Luis Estellés. He has participated in Master Classes with Michel Arrignon and Ricardo Morales, and in numerous advanced courses, including professors Walter Boykens, Piotr Szymyslik, Radovan Cavallin, Hedwig Swimberghe, Máximo Muñoz, Javier Balaguer and Adolfo Garcés, among others.

His time in the Andalusian Youth Orchestra allowed him the first contact with the orchestral conduction with conductor Juan de Udaeta. During this period, he was a guest conductor of the Golden West College Symphonic Band of Los Angeles (USA). He later completed studies in orchestral conducting and composition with Octav Calleya and Ramón Roldán respectively at the Superior Conservatory of Malaga.

He has expanded his education with the teacher Miguel Ángel Gómez Martínez and has received instructions from conductors such as Jesús López Cobos, Achim Holub, Miquel Ortega, Juanjo Mena, Jorma Panula or Salvador Mas, among others. In addition, he has been invited by the Barenboim-Said Foundation and awarded a scholarship by the Regional Government of Andalusia to complete his education with Daniel Barenboim.

His professional career has led him to conduct concerts in Spain, the United States, France and Romania, leading, among other ensembles, the Granada City Orchestra, the Extremadura Orchestra, the Andalusian Youth Orchestra, the Botosani Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania), the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Moldova, Youth National Orchestra of Moldova, "European Chamber Opera" (London), Malaga Symphony Orchestra, City of Almería Orchestra, European Symphony Orchestra "Eurorchestries", Philharmonic Orchestra "Oltenia" of Craiova (Romania), Classical Camerata of Granada , Orchestra of the Superior Conservatory of Music of Malaga, City of the Alhambra Symphony Orchestra, Ángel Barrios Youth Orchestra, Granada Municipal Band, Jaén Municipal Band, Málaga Municipal Band, and the Goldeng West University Symphonic Orchestra. He has also been founding conductor of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Granada and the Orfeón de Granada, and principal conductor of the Municipal Band of Almería.

He has also been a guest conductor at the Andalusian Program for Young Instrumentalists and assistant conductor at the Andalusian Youth Orchestra. In addition, he has recently been offered the position of resident director of this same formation starting in 2013.