Juany Martínez-De la Hoz Casas

Juany Martínez-De la Hoz Casas

Juany Martínez - de la Hoz Casas is from Mancha Real (Jaén).

In 1999, she obtained the title of Professor in the Clarinet specialityat the "Victoria Eugenia" Superior Conservatory of Music in Granada, graduating with the highest praise.

In 2005, she obtained the Bachelor's Degree in Music in the speciality of OrchestraConducting at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Malaga, under the tutelage of the Professor of the speciality, Mr. Octav Calleya Illiescu, obtaining in the Final Examination the qualification of Honours.

She continued her education with different Master's Courses in Italy, Romania, France and Spain.

She has performed as a guest conductor leading numerous orchestras and music bands in Italy, Romania, England, Moldova, Spain, France, etc., earning praise from the media, music professionals, the public, as well as from different conductors, "Juany Martínez - de la Hoz Casas is the best female directorial talent of the current generation in Spain, from her first performances she demonstrated an amazing governing musicality and a conducting technique that borders on perfection." Octav Calleya.

Currently, and since February 2014, he has held the position of Conductor of the Municipal Music Band of Jaén through a selective system of competition-opposition.

In June 2017 she was awarded by the Honourable Jaén City Council, through its Department of Social Affairs and Equality, the "Jaenera Award for equality and against gender violence", in the Arts/Culture category.