Concertband Maasmechelen (Bélgica)

Concertband Maasmechelen


The Concertband Maasmechelen offers musicians from the Maasland region a chance to play high-level concerts for an interested and motivated public.

Initially, there was the Concertband "Limburg-Maas", the leading orchestra of the Limburg Coal Mines, in many ways a trendsetter in band music after the Second World War. In search of perfection, this band from Eisden (Maasmechelen) played concerts and at contests in many European countries such as Spain and Italy.

When the Limburg Coal Mines were shut down the band stopped its activities. A few years later the Concertband "Limburg-Maas" rose like a phoenix from its ashes and the Concertband Maasmechelen was born.

To increase musical quality, the Concertband Maasmechelen is always looking for new challenges. The choice of its annual projects and concert locations in Belgium and abroad is crucial in many ways. Its more recent projects include a collaboration with the famous Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and "USA 2011", a concert trip to the USA with performances in Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.


Mark Prils

Mark Prils studied at the Koninklijk Vlaams Muziekconcervatorium Antwerpen (Belgium) and the Hogeschool Zuyd Maastricht (The Netherlands) where he received the following diplomas: Getuigschrift Transpositie, Eerste Notenleer, Eerste prijs Kamermuziek, Eerste Prijs Hoorn, Hoger diploma Hoorn, Diploma HaFaBra-Directie (Sjef Pijpers and Pierre Kuijpers), Master in Muziek, optie Muziektheorie-schriftuur and Master in Muziek, optie hoorn (Erich Penzel).

He has played the French horn in national and international orchestras (including the European Union Chamber Orchestra).

At the age of 19 he started conducting several high-level bands in Europe, and went on to become a successful conductor and win prestigious prizes (including First Prize at the World Music Contest, Kerkrade and several Belgian Championships).

Currently, Mark Prils is managing director of the Maasmechelen Academy of Music, Theatre and Dance and is frequently invited to be a member of the jury for national and international music contests.

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