Unión Musical "Lira Realense" de Real

Unión Musical "Lira Realense" de Real


The "Lira Realense" Music Association was founded on 30 October 1893. Its first director was Cosme Bonet Raige.

Abdón Campos Campos became director in1944, with whom the Band won First Prize in the CIFESA Pasodoble Contest. In the period up to 1972 the Band had several conductors, including: José María Cervera Lloret, José Perpiñá Sanz, Vicente Galdón Jorge (who composed the town anthem) and Javier Polo Aguado.

Liberto Benet Martínez took up the baton in 1972, with whom the Band won First Prize at the 1974 Valencia Provincial Contest, First Prize at the Pasodoble Contest "City of Carcaixent", and First Prize at the 1976 Valencia Provincial Contest.

Between 1978 and 1993 the Band was conducted by Miguel Morellà Asins, Miguel Chirona, Miguel Jorge Cervera and Juan José Salazar Sancho.

In 1993 the Association celebrated its centenary. In the same year, Federico Cuevas Martínez became the conductor and gave the Band a significant boost. Their prizes from this time include:
  • 1995 and 1996: Second Prize at the Valencia Provincial Contest
  • 1998: First Prize at the Valencia Provincial Contest
  • 1998: First Prize at the Valencia Regional Contest
  • 2000: First Prize at the National Band Contest "City of Cullera"
  • 2002: First Prize and Honorable Mention at the International Wind Band Contest "City of Valencia".
Under the baton of Francesc Llorens Arnal, the Band won First Prize at the Valencia Provincial Contest in 2006.

In 2007, David Moltó Romero became the director. He took the Band back to the International Wind Band Contest "City of Valencia" where they won Third Prize in Division Two.


David Moltó-Romero

David Moltó-Romero was born in Carlet and began studying music at the local Music Association.

He was a student of J. Carlos Báguena and is currently studying with Francisco Salanova, under whose tuition he received the title of Advanced Oboe Teacher. He has completed advanced courses with both these teachers (in Valencia, S. Miguel de Salinas, Cullera, Montroi, Carcaixent, Buñol and Morella, among others).

He has also attended courses with Maurice Bourgue, Celia Nicklin, Ingo Goritzki, Emmanuel Abhül, Steffan Shilli, Vicent Llimerà, David Walter, Rafael Sanz Espert, Fernando Bonete, Luis Sanjaime and Pascual Vilaplana.

He has played with various orchestras, such as the Carcaixent "Mestre Vert" Conservatory Orchestra, the Valencia "Clásica", the Bilbao Philharmonic, the Orchestra of the Valencia "J. Rodrigo" Superior Conservatory, Cervera Lloret and Siglo XXI, to name a few. He has also been on several international tours, including visits to Japan, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic and Italy.

He has given numerous oboe recitals: in the Hotel Reina Victoria in Valencia, in the "Perfecto García Chornet" Conservatory, with the Albalat dels Tarongers Orchestra, in the Valencia Palau de la Música as part of their Young Valencian Musicians series, and with the Albacete Municipal Band.

He is a founding member of "Mediterrània Quintet de Vent" and of various instrumental and chamber music ensembles.

He currently on a leave from his post as an oboe teacher at the "Perfecto García Chornet" Professional Conservatory.

Since 2001 he has been the oboe soloist of the Albacete Municipal Band.

He has a master's degree in "Aesthetics and Musical Creativity" from the University of Valencia, where he is currently studying for his doctorate.

He attends jazz and Latin music seminars with the SEDAJAZZ group.

As a guest conductor he has directed the L'Alcudia " Filarmónica Alcudiana" Band.

He was director of the symphony band of the Albal Youth Music Association for 3 years.

He is currently the director of the Ribera Veteran Music Association and the Real "Lira Realense", with which he won Third Prize in Division Two of the International Contest in 2009.

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